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Property Management Services

"Maximizing the value of your real estate portfolio starts with hiring the right property management company "

ZMG Management is a full-service property management company dedicated to helping property owners maximize occupancy, minimize expenses, streamline tenant management, and boost ROI. So, whether you need us to completely manage your asset or you want us to only find you quality tenants, ZMG can create a customized property management service package that aligns with your shot-term and long-term property goals.


Our Property Management services Include:


Comprehensive Marketing

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In a competitive multi-cultural market like the UAE, you need a property management company that has the tools and resources to put you ahead of the competition.

ZMG’s in-house marketing experts know how to create an effective marketing campaign that will attract today’s sophisticated, tech-savvy tenants and buyers.

ZMG Management will work closely with you to customize an advertising plan based on your property’s needs.

We utilize a wide range of digital marketing and offline marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search engine advertising, email marketing, outdoor signage advertising and print media to maximize the exposure of your property to a diverse pool of qualified tenants.

At ZMG Management, we understand the importance of maximizing occupancy and reducing turnover rates.

All of our applicants undergo extensive tenant screening, which includes residence visa validation, family member validation, references, employer’s guarantees, and the collection of other relevant documentation.

When a suitable tenant has been found, the lease will be signed. Our agents will then conduct a walk-through of the rental property with the tenant to document the condition of the unit on move-in.

Thorough Tenant Screening


Full Service Leasing


Our leasing agents manage all aspects of the lease agreement with the approved tenant. Using a professionally-prepared lease and an in-depth knowledge of complex property laws, the leasing agent will ensure the clarity and accuracy of the lease and oversee the proper execution of all contracts.

During the lease signing, the tenant will also be educated on how to maintain the condition of your property.

Our leasing agent will then conduct a walk-through assessment of the property’s condition while the tenant is present. This initial inspection will help out agents in assessing any changes in condition when the tenant has moved out.

No more chasing after tenants for late or missing rent payments. We minimize the disruptions to your cash flow by collecting rent in a systematic, timely manner.

Our leasing agents collect either the full amount or the rent Cheques and transfer them to you directly. If a tenant is late on a rent payment, we’ll send the appropriate collection notices to the occupying tenant.

Our property managers are committed to a goal of “no vacancy” in all of our managed properties. We understand that maintaining a good tenant relationship is the key to retention, so we work hard to ensure all rent collection concerns are resolved as quickly as possible.

Timely Rent Collection


Cost-Effective Maintenance


Ongoing maintenance supervision is possibly one of the top significant prerequisites for maintaining the value and sustainability of your property.

Our highly qualified in-house maintenance team of engineers and technicians will oversee timely maintenance schedules and regular inspections, as well as responding to emergency repair calls 24 hours a day.

In addition to our in-house team, ZMG Management also uses an extensive network of contractors and vendors to provide quick, efficient repair and maintenance work while minimizing expenses.

We use a centralized accounting system to track your property’s income and expenses. Each of our property owner clients is given a password-protected online account for easy access to financial reports – 24 hours a day.

ZMG understands that as a property owner, your goal is to maximize your income and minimize your expenses. Our all-inclusive accounting and reporting system saves you time and money by keeping all of your property’s financial information organized in one place.

With a few clicks of a mouse, you can easily generate itemized financial statements, lease documents and other property management reports.

Financial Analysis and Accounting


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